The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – Dirty Martini’s ‘Sweet Sorella’

Cocktail bar group Dirty Martini (with seven bars in London, one in Cardiff) have launched a new cocktail menu filled with innovative new serves, plus boundary pushing flavour combinations.

Created with the seasons in mind, each of the new cocktails experiments with less conventional ingredients or unique garnishes. The ‘Sweet Sorella’, for instance, is the simplest to recreate at home – combining Bold London spirit, white rum, pomegranate juice, hibiscus syrup, pink peppercorns, egg white and blueberry shrub. At the bars, the drink is also served with a rhubarb foam-injected hibiscus flower garnish.

Discussing the new menu, Tom Cole, Dirty Martini Product Innovation and Development Manager, said: “For our latest menu we have experimented with new styles, glassware and ingredients to take our cocktail offering to the next level, stepping up our garnish game even further to reveal some truly stunning serves. This new menu still has Dirty Martini’s renowned sophisticated touch, but with a whole new approach to awakening the senses on all levels.”


Bold London Spirit, 30ml

Havana Club 3yr Rum, 15ml

Homemade blueberry shrub, 10ml (recipe below)

Pomegranate juice, 25ml

Hibiscus/sorrel syrup (from flowers), 20ml

Egg white, 20ml

Pink peppercorns, 1 bar spoon

To Garnish (optional)

Place 1 hibiscus flower on heart skewer. Open flower and inject with rhubarb foam. Lightly sprinkle pink peppercorns over and around the flower.

For the Blueberry Shrub

Produces one litre

Blueberries, 8 punnets (1kg)

Caster suagar, 500g

Apple cider vinegar, 250ml

Water, 750ml


To Make the Blueberry Shrub

Place the blueberries into a saucepan and add 750ml water.

Set over a high heat until the water comes to a boil. Once the water begins to boil, reduce the heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes of cooking, remove the pan from the heat and strain through a fine mesh conic strainer into a clean pan (helping the liquid through with a spoon/spatula.

Add 500g caster sugar to the blueberry syrup and stir until dissolved. Next, add 250ml of Apple Cider Vinegar and stir.

Return the pan to a high heat for 10 minutes to reduce.

Double strain again through fine mesh conical strainer, then place in a container for storage.

Place the container in an ice-filled bowl to reduce the temperature to below 8 degrees within 90 minutes. Taste once cooled to test quality.

To Assemble

Add all ingredients to Boston tin.

Add cubed ice to tin, shake ingredients and double strain back into small tin.

Dry shake and double strain into chilled Retro & Cubana Fizz glass.

Garnish and serve.

Further information on Dirty Martini can be found at

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