The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: Dingle Gin Gibson Cocktail

“The elixir of quietude”, according to E.B. White – the iconic Martini has become one of the world’s best-loved cocktails over the past century. Now with so many variations on the classic (traditionally made with gin and dry vermouth) readily available, from the lauded Espresso Martini to the Porn Star Martini, through to the Dirty Martini.

One of the most iconic versions, apart from the classic Dry Martini; the Dirty Martini is typically embellished with a splash of brine from a jar of olives. Tying in with National Pickled Onion Day (20th October), this week’s cocktail recipe is a twist on the Dirty Martini, featuring Irish Artisan Dingle Original Gin, Dry Vermouth, pickle vinegar and a pickled onion garnish.


60ml Dingle Original Gin

10-15ml Dry Vermouth

2 bar spoons of the pickle vinegar

2-3 pickled onions


Fill a mixing glass with ice and pour over liquid ingredients.

Stir for 20-30 seconds until chilled.

Pierce onions onto a cocktail stick and balance on rim of glass.

Strain drink over pickled onions into a pre-chilled martini glass.

Serve immediately.

Photo: Maria Katsika

Further information on Dingle Original Gin can be found here.


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