The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: Darbaar's Guy’s Toffee

One of London’s most exciting Modern-Indian restaurants, Darbaar in Shoreditch launched a brand new bar – Lotus – in May. Bringing a different drinking and dining experience to the city, Lotus has been given a new identity and fresh, inventive cocktail menu. The new menu features spice-infused spirits and unique Indian twists on classics, paired with a new menu of Royal-inspired dishes from chef-patron Abdul Yaseen.

Heavily inspired by the flavours and spices of India, and the opulence of its Royal Courts, Darbaar’s Lotus Bar offers a number of rousing pre-dinner aperitifs. The Guy’s Toffee cocktail, for instance, captures the sweet an indulgent flavours of the classic toffee apple, but in liquid form. With alcohol. Simple to recreate, the drink is great to try at home before heading out to watch the fireworks this weekend. Werther’s Original optional.


Serves one

50ml toffee-infused vodka
Sparkling apple juice, to finish

To Garnish

Apple fan


Pour 50ml toffee-infused vodka into a coupe glass, top with sparkling apple juice.

Garnish with an apple fan.

Further information on Darbaar and Lotus bar can be found here.



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