The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: Cartel’s ‘Tommy’s Margarita’

A “Taqueria and Tequila joint”, Cartel in Battersea is inspired by Mexican street food stalls – boasting one of South London’s best tequila selections.

Joining signature tacos filled with pulled chicken cooked in Mezcal and lemon, or slow-cooked beef brisket with chorizo, radish and coriander, Cartel’s bar is overseen by former El Camion bartender Josh Rooms. Celebrating tequila and Mezcal, the drinks list features twists on classics plus new, contemporary creations. ‘Tommy’s Margarita’, for instance, is a simple, sating libation, easy to recreate at home this weekend – combining tequila, agave syrup and lime juice. Alternatively, the ‘Bottomless Tequila Brunch Parties’ taking place on Saturdays throughout July and August are worth taking advantage of.


50ml Tequila Arette Blanco

25ml freshly squeezed lime juice

10ml beso Agave syrup

To Garnish

Lime wedge


Shake over ice, strain and serve over cubed ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Further information on Cartel can be found at

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