Caravan Coffee Roasters Single Origin Negroni

The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: Caravan Coffee Roasters Single Origin Negroni

A classic Italian cocktail, the Negroni typically features Campari, gin and red vermouth. Since the drinks invention in 1919, however, a great number of reinterpretations have been created. Caravan Coffee Roasters, for instance, have created a ‘Single Origin Negroni’, featuring the addition of a fruit-driven coffee element. Here, London dry style gin is teamed with Campari and a homemade single origin Columbian coffee syrup to add a new dimension to the drink.

Bitter orange and lemon notes imparted from the gin and Campari are well matched with the coffee’s cleansing acidity and notes of strawberry and honeyed tea. The final result is thus sweeter and more full bodied than the original Negroni, complete with a lasting finish.


25ml London Dry Style Gin

25ml Campari

25ml Single origin coffee syrup (recipe below)

1 freshly sliced orange segment, for garnish

To make the single origin coffee syrup

Grind 18g fresh, single origin coffee beans and add to a V60 or Chemex filter. Utilising the principals of manual filter coffee brewing, slowly and consistently pour 250ml hot (not boiling) water over the coffee beans for a period of approx. 2 ½ minutes until all water has been used, collecting in a heat proof vessel. Once you have completed the extraction and a strong, aromatic coffee has been collected in the vessel, add 125g unrefined sugar in 3 stages and stir continuously to dissolve. Once all sugar is dissolved, allow this now sweet coffee to cool completely before bottling and refrigerating for use at a later date. (Syrup will keep for up to 7 days if refrigerated).


In a chilled mixing glass (or tumbler glass) add each of the liquid components and half fill with ice. Stir for 5-10 seconds to allow all of the flavours to meld together completely straining over a fresh, ice filled tumbler.

Add the orange slice garnish to the side of the glass and serve.

Caravan will also be exhibiting at this year’s London Coffee Festival; early-bird tickets are available here.


Grab the Campari, Negroni Season Has Arrived

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