Watch – Teen overcame anorexia to publish recipes that helped her recover

A young woman who was diagnosed with anorexia in her teens has launched a cookbook to help others suffering like she did.

Even when Nicola Davis’ weight plummeted to a dangerously low level she continued to make her family tasty meals. She was consuming minus calories, but her family were feasting on pies, cakes and risottos.

The recipe book contains the meals she cooked herself to help her recover from the life-threatening illness.unnamed-453

Through a combination of medical and emotional intervention she battled her way back to full health. Nicola, from Wiltshire, now 20, runs her own arts and craft business. During this time she was also able to raise enough money (£1,700) through a Crowdfunder, to publish her book.

She says: “I couldn’t believe the amount of people who sent me money to get this off the ground, they were total strangers and I thank them all for it.

Each recipe in her cookbook contains a number of different stages – each one putting more calories into the meal. It gradually helps people to overcome the illness, step-by-step.


Nicola is donating ten per cent of the book’s takings to eating disorder charity Beat and a  link to her book can be found here 

Watch the Video here

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