Watch: Londoner Goes Temporarily Deaf After Eating “World’s Spiciest Noodles”

A London-based food blogger went temporarily deaf after eating the World’s spiciest noodles at a backstreet restaurant in Indonesia.

According to reports in The Evening Standard, Ben Sumadiwiria tried “death noodles” Indomie Abang Adek, which is claimed to be 4,000 times stronger than Tabasco and has a 20 million rating on the Scoville scale, the measure of a chilli’s hotness.

The video, uploaded to Mr Sumadiwiria’s Awesome Eats YouTube channel, sees the prominent blogger almost vomit before proclaiming: “That’s the worst feeling you will ever have in your life.

“I can’t hear anything, I’m deaf.

“Of all the feelings I have ever had in my life this is the worst.”

Watch in full below:

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