Vegan Charity Tours the UK Giving out FREE Vegan Ice-Cream

This summer, British vegan charity Viva! will be travelling across England and Wales showcasing the UK’s first ever vegan ice-cream van tour.

For just one week, Viva! will hand out complimentary dairy-free ice-cream from their spectacular vegan ice-cream truck. Viva! will encourage the public to opt for plant-based alternatives, and will distribute free information about dairy-free diets alongside their giant inflatable cow!

In recent years, the UK has seen a steady decline in the demand for animal-based products whilst sales of plant-based products continue to grow. Despite increased awareness about veganism, many people are still unaware that the lifecycle of a dairy cow is a continual exploitation of the female reproductive system. She is artificially inseminated at a young age, carries her baby for nine months, only for the calf to be ripped away from her shortly after birth. This practice is standard across the dairy industry and is used to produce ice cream, milk, cheese butter and yoghurt. This happens in all dairy farms, from small organic to large zero grazing mega-dairies.

Viva!’s tour aims to raise awareness of the suffering that dairy cows endure whilst demonstrating how delicious vegan food is!

Laura Hellwig, Viva! Campaigner explains why this campaign is so important:

“We want to show the public how easy and delicious it is to make the switch to dairy-free products. By touring some of the largest cities in our amazing ice-cream van, we will give the public the chance to try dairy-free ice-cream, many of who may never have considered trying dairy alternatives.

There is no better time to choose a compassionate vegan lifestyle. We hope that by handing out free vegan ice-cream, we can show how easy and yummy it is to choose dairy-free products and encourage people to try vegan.”

If you would like to get involved and volunteer during our ice-cream tour, please email

You can spot the ice-cream van in the following cities between Tuesday 31 July and Monday 6 August:


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