The ultimate guide to the World’s best breweries

Lonely Planet has launched a guide to the World’s best breweries on the back of the micro revolution that has gripped the industry.

Researched and compiled by a network of beer-loving travel writers and journalists, the new guide will help thirsty travellers discover the world’s most authentic and delicious beverages – from classics that have been brewed for centuries, to exciting new concoctions and long forgotten regional specialities that have been recently discovered by the rest of the world.

Organised by city, the Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour tells you how to find each brewery and which beers to sample as well as  suggesting other local highlights – from  museums and galleries, to hikes and bike rides – so you can make a day or weekend of your visit.

It will also tell you how to ask for a beer in the local language, how to say cheers, each beer’s signature style and the best local bar snack.

As the book’s introduction highlights, “Beer often tastes better the closer it is to home, especially if that’s straight from a tap in a tank in the actual brewery.”

Here’s the best of the World

4 Pines, Australia

Mikkeller, Copenhagen

Afro Caribbean Brewing Company, South Africa

Burial Beer, America 

Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour, © 2017 Lonely Planet

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