Tokimeite Partner With Suntory Whisky for London Restaurant Festival

Tying in with the annual London Restaurant Festival, Japanese restaurant Tokimeite will partner with Suntory Japanese whisky to host a one-off event on 27th October.

Set to showcase the very best of Japanese food and drink, the restaurant will offer a sixteen-course ‘Kaiseki’ menu, specially prepared by one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed chefs – Yoshihiro Murata. What’s more, the menu will be paired with a range of specially selected Beam Suntory whiskies, chosen by brand ambassador Mike Miyamoto to complement each dish.

With a total of seven Michelin stars held across his three restaurants in Kyoto and Tokyo, Yoshihiro Murata’s menu will include a selection of assorted starters, followed by a sashimi selection and opulent dishes such as grilled Scottish lobster with truffle merengue, and grilled Wagyu sirloin wrapped with fig leaves and served with fig and onion.

As for the whiskies, expect the likes of Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve and Hakushu 12 Years Old from Suntory’s mountain forest distillery in Hakashu, served alongside the assortment of starters and sashimi, respectively. Elsewhere, Hibiki 17 Years Old has been selected for its complex and profound taste profile to pair with the delicateness of Japanese Wagyu beef, and the full-bodied Yamazaki 18 Year Old from Japan’s oldest malt distillery will accompany the mildness of the Hoji-cha ice cream dessert.

Tickets for the London Restaurant Festival tasting menu and whisky pairings are priced at £229 and are available from The full menu for the evening can be found below.


Tokimeite’s Kaiseki Menu

Hassun – Assorted Starter

Grilled mushroom served with vinegar marinated Japanese cucumber

Slow cooked and smoked wagyu served with mustard

Foie gras served with mizuna and sudachi

Grilled cured mackerel served with saffron sushi rice, pink pepper and pickled

Grilled teriyaki scallop served with sansho pepper, ginkgo nuts and crispy somen

Smoked salmon tartar with soy sauce marinated smoked salmon roe

Char-grilled Japanese aubergine with a squeeze of ginger and dried bonito flakes

Kasu-marinated squid served with grated bottarga and shiso leaf

Fried lotus root stuffed with mustard and fish filling

Paired with: Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve Highball

Mukozuke – Sashimi

Scottish langoustine and otoro served with kimi-syoyu egg yolk sauce and wasabi

Paired with: Hakushu 12 Year Old Highball

Nimonowan – Soup

Wagyu soup with matsutake mushroom, grilled Japanese spring onion and yuzu

Yakimono – Grilled Course

Grilled Scottish lobster with truffle merengue

Paired with: Yamazaki 12 Year Old on the rocks

Kuchinaoshi – Palate Cleanser

Yuzu-Wasabi Sorbet

Shiizakana – Main Course

Grilled wagyu sirloin wrapped with fig leaf served with fig and onion

Paired with: Hibiki 17 Year Old on the rocks

Nigiri sansyu – Nigiri three ways

Kombu marinated turbot, wagyu, tamago and tuna and pickled turnip maki

Paired with: Yamazaki 12 Year Old Half Rock

Mizumono – Dessert

Hoji-cha ice cream and matsukaze cake

Paired with: Yamazaki 18 Year Old Straight

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