This festive Yorkshire pudding wrap has just gone on sale in Lidl

A Yorkshire pudding stuffed with turkey, Cumberland sausages and gammon as well as pork, sage and onion stuffing has gone on sale in Lidl ahead of the festive season.

The 800g feast comes after high street stores and restaurants across the country saw a boom in sales of Yorkshire pudding wraps that see the best bits of a Sunday lunch served in a burrito-style meal.

And now you can buy one from your local Lidl for £7.99.

The Christmas dinner in a wrap feeds six people, which works out at £1.30 per person.

Serving recommendations include lashings of gravy making it a perfect alternative of a traditional Sunday lunch.

Aldi is also selling a roast dinner stuffed inside a Yorkshire pudding for £2.49, but it not wrapped in the same way Lidl’s is.


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