These Japanese vending machines dispense hot pizza 24/7

New vending machines that dispense hot pizza 24 hours a day have been rolled out in Japan.

The machine in Hiroshima, called Pizza Self, gives access to either margherita or four cheese pizzas around the clock, and apparently tastes just as good as a regular takeaway.

According to SoraNews24 the red, white and green pizza vending machine boasts “fresh out of the oven” pizza and is found at the front of a video rental shop in the southern city on Honshu Island.

The machines dispense two types of pizza, a margherita pizza for £7 and a four cheese pizza for £9.

To order a pizza, customers pay for their selection and wait just five minutes until it’s ready. The pizza is then dispensed in a takeaway-style box with its own pizza cutter and a plastic bag.

Other vending pizza vending machines spotted around the world include this contraption in Israel: 

And this ingenious device:

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