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These cities have the world’s most diverse food scenes

A new study from Bott and Co suggests New York is the world’s best foodie city.

Having created a useful tool to showcase the world’s 50 best food scenes, Bott and Co’s research covers cities with a population of over 1 million and ranks them based on different national cuisines celebrated in restaurants throughout the city. The interactive map also highlights the top rated restaurants for each national cuisine in each area.

With 94 national cuisines on offer, New York is top of the list with restaurants such as Austrian Café Katja, Somalian Safari and Haitian Immaculee.


Kikuchi London

London closely follows with 89 cuisines celebrated throughout the city’s restaurants. According to Bott and Co’s research, London’s best national restaurants include the likes of Pasha Kyrgyz Kazakh House (Kyrgyzstani), Kikuchi (Japanese), Blue Nile Restaurant (Ethiopian) and Bariloche Argentinian Grill & Bar. The Providores is, understandably, London’s best restaurant for New Zealand/Kiwi cuisine, – though O’Neill’s Wardour Street is tragically considered London’s best Irish restaurant.

Celebrating 73 national cuisines, Toronto is third on the list, followed by Chicago. Paris is ranked fifth with 65, closely followed by Berlin and Melbourne; joint sixth with 64.

Bott and Co’s interactive tool allows users to quickly browse the top 50 cities for restaurants serving specific national cuisines, including information on each national cuisine’s top-rated restaurant. Each is accompanied by an address and link to the restaurant’s Google Maps destination.


Created by Bott & Co (view the full interactive)


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