The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – White Lyan’s ‘Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Nitro Martini’

Generally regarded as one of London’s finest and most innovative bars, White Lyan in Hoxton have teamed up with Jack Daniel’s for their first collaborative cocktail.

Since opening, the bar has become renowned for crafting some ingeniously unique cocktails, all of which are pre-batched and use no perishable ingredients. White Lyan’s take on the classic espresso martini, for instance, uses Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 instead of a more traditional vodka base and is poured from a tap using nitrogen gas. As a result, the drink has an effervescent texture and creamy head, texturally similar to a cold pint of Guinness.

As it’s especially rare for the average home to be fitted with a nitrous pump, however, White Lyan have shared a ‘DIY-friendly’ recipe to make a version of this drink at home, using Jack Daniel’s, cherry juice, cold brew coffee and coca cola. Alternatively, why not visit the bar this weekend in order to sample the original?


40ml Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

40ml Biona Tart Cherry Juice

80ml Sandows Cold Brew Coffee

80ml Coca Cola

1tsp sugar


Make sure all ingredients are fridge temperature

In a half pint glass, mix the ingredients and then add a heaped teaspoon of sugar.

Stir vigorously until dissolved. The sugar will cause the gas in the Coca Cola to nucleate out and give a nice froth on top.

Further information on White Lyan can be found at


Bar Review – White Lyan

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