The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – The London EDITION’s Vogue 100 Punch

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

In celebration of the Centenary year of British Vogue, The Punch Room at The London EDITION have created a special Vogue 100 Punch in time for World Gin Day on 11th June. Unsurprisingly inspired by past fashion trends, the cocktail combines Tanqueray 10 gin with a homemade perfume syrup, bergamot, champagne, and lipstick foam. The recipe can be found below, ideal for more adventurous cocktail connoisseurs or home mixologists to recreate at home this weekend, tying in perfectly with World Gin Day.


Tanqueray 10, 40ml

Perfume syrup, 45ml (recipe below)

Bergamot juice, 15ml

Champagne, 70ml

Lipstick foam (recipe below)

For the Perfume syrup

White sugar, 500g

Water, 1 litre

Lavender, 10g

Basil, 15g

Sandalwood, 8g

Citric acid, 15g

For the Lipstick Foam

Vanilla syrup, 525ml

Violette liqueur, 75ml

Lemon juice, 100ml

Egg white, 50ml

Water, 100ml

Gelatine, 1.5 sheets

NOS cartridges, 2

To Garnish

Edible flowers (purple viola preferred)


Build over ice. Top with lipstick foam and garnish with edible flowers.

To Make the Perfume Syrup

Add the ingredients to a bag and vacuum pack.

Add to a pan filled with water and cook for 45 minutes on a medium heat.

Cool, strain, bottle and refrigerate.

To Make the Lipstick Foam

Heat all of the ingredients gently, apart from the egg white.

Add the egg white and add to a siphon charge with two NOS cartridges.

Place in freezer for one hour then move to fridge.

The Vogue 100 Punch is available from The Punch Room and available for £14. Further information can be found at

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