The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – The London EDITION’s ‘Lynchburg Punch’

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

With the launch of a brand new bottle design for Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, The Punch Room at The London EDITION in Fitzrovia held an intimate tasting session to celebrate the Single Barrel expression. As well as making an exceptional whisky to drink on its own, the drink also works brilliantly as the base for cocktails. While an Old Fashioned would, perhaps, be the obvious choice – a Single Barrel Punch served on the evening is an easy drinking long drink that’s particularly refreshing and thus ideal for summer. Pairing Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel with Ruby Port, green tea, sugar syrup and homemade orange and lemon sherbet, here’s the recipe for the Punch Room’s ‘Lynchburg Punch’.


20ml Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

20ml Ruby Port

60ml green tea

20ml sugar syrup, 2:1

15ml orange sherbet (100g zest, 2kg sugar, 1 litre juice)

15ml lemon sherbet


To make the sherbet, combine the zest, sugar and juice in a pan and heat, but do not boil. Leave to stand for two hours to cool.

Combine all ingredients into a punch bowl and stir.

Serve in a rocks glass with blocks or cubed ice and garnish with edible flowers and orange wheels.

Punch Room at The London EDITION can be found at 5 Berners Street, London, W1T 3LF.

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