Dingle Bouquet cocktail

The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: The Dingle Bouquet

Occupying a former sawmill on the fringes of Dingle, on the West Coast of Ireland, The Dingle Distillery is the country’s first independently owned, purpose built artisan spirits distillery in over 100 years. Here, the distillery’s spirits are hand crafted throughout – from the manual mashing process to the hand labelling and bottling – producing whisky, small batch gin and vodka.

Using a still charged with the purest grain alcohol, Dingle Distillery Vodka is produced in small batches of just 500 litres. The quintuple distilled spirit’s fifth distillation uses the purest water drawn from a well 240 feet below the distillery; ultimately creating a vodka with incredible purity and a finish with creamy texture and a touch of sweetness.

Moreover, Dingle Distillery Vodka has character that lends itself well to various creative cocktails. ‘The Dingle Bouquet’, for instance, features a base that’s infused with rose petals, orange blossom water, violet essence and vanilla.

“A floral inspired cocktail which can be created in batch or bottled into miniatures as a gift/visually beautiful table serve.”


Dingle Distillery Vodka, 350ml

Rose petals, one cup

Orange blossom water, 75ml

Violet essence, 20ml

Vanilla pod, one


Add all the ingredients to a sealable container and allow the vodka to infuse for 24-48 hours.

Strain out the solids and petals, then either serve immediately or decant into miniature bottles.

Top with Champagne and a splash of strawberry liqueur to sweeten, or serve with soda water for a refreshing floral cocktail.

Dingle Distillery Vodka is available from masterofmalt.com, RRP £30.50, 70cl. Further information on the distillery can be found here.

Photo credit: Maria Katsika Photography


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