The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – Salt Room’s ‘Seaside Martini’

Alongside becoming renowned for their seafood and steak focused menu, Brighton’s Salt Room also possesses a selection of brilliant cocktails. Located on the seafront, the restaurant’s ‘Seaside Martini’ features a base of vermouth that’s made in-house and sea herb infused Sussex Gin, both of which are teamed with a smoked sea salt saline solution and a dash of locally sourced rapeseed oil. What’s more, the drink is served over ice with some samphire and an oyster shell for the drink to be sipped from.


15ml Vermouth

7 drops saline solution

50ml Sea Herb Gin

To Garnish

Oyster shell, cleaned

Sussex rapeseed oil



Using a Columbard white wine as the base, fortify it with a neutral grape spirit, and then add approx. 20 different botanicals including wormwood, gentian, marjoram, hyssop, angelica root, chamomile flowers, star anise, juniper, wakame, sea salt and mixed citrus peel to name a few.

Saline Solution

Blend smoked sea salt with wakame, nori and kombu (dried Japanese seaweeds typically used in sushi) then dissolve it in water.

Sussex Gin

Do a vacuum infusion with locally foraged sea herbs, including samphire, sea purslane, sea aster and sea absinthe.


Combine 15ml of Vermouth with seven drops Saline Solution, then 50ml of Sea Herb Gin in a mixing glass.

Stir for chilling and dilution.

To serve, chill a whiskey tumbler, fill it with fresh ice, then place a cleaned oyster shell on top.

Add the martini to the shell first then add the rest to the glass.

Garnish with a sprig of samphire, edible flowers and a dash of Sussex rapeseed oil to create a creamy texture.

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