The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – R&B Distillers ‘Borders Sour’

Tying in with National Whisky Sours Day having taken place in America this week, as well as record breaking temperatures here in the UK – this week’s featured cocktail recipe is most fitting.

New Scottish brand R&B Distillers’ take on the class Whisky Sour is the perfect antidote to the blistering heat. An incredibly simple concoction, the ‘Borders Sour’ showcases R&B’s Borders highland single grain Scotch whisky, combined with fresh lemon, pineapple, Gomme syrup and grapefruit bitters.


50ml Borders highland single grain Scotch whisky

30ml fresh lemon juice

2 chunks of fresh pineapple

20ml Gomme syrup

A couple of splashes of grapefruit bitters

Ice cubes

To Garnish

Lemon peel garnish


Add pineapple chunks to a cocktail shaker with Gomme syrup and use a muddling stick to dissolve into a puree.

Add lemon juice, grapefruit bitters, whisky and ice and stir to desired dilution.

Strain into a glass over ice.

Garnish with lemon peel and serve.

Further information on R&B Distillers can be found at

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