The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – Pizza Pilgrims’ Hot Pococello

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

As the result of a collaboration between the Chase Distillery and the acclaimed restaurateurs behind Pizza Pilgrims, Pococello was inspired by a trip to Italy, using specially selected Amalfi lemons for a drink that’s not too dissimilar to classic Limoncello. Pococello, however, is far less sickly-sweet – crafted with some of England’s finest spirit and hand-crafted in small batches.

And in the time of brutally cold weather, Pizza Pilgrims have recently added the Hot Pococello to their menu; a grown-up version of the cure-all lemon tea, of sorts. Pizza Pilgrims have kindly shared the recipe, in order for readers to make the warming drink at home this weekend.


50ml Pocoello

1 Teapigs Chai Tea Temple

200ml boiling water

2 fresh lemon slices


Add 50ml of Pococello, 200ml of boiling water, and 1 Teapig tea bag into a mug.

Stir for 2 minutes and leave to brew for 5 minutes.

Remove bag after 5 minutes, stir again and garnish with 2 slices of lemon.

Pococello is available from Harvey Nichols, and from Pizza Pilgrims in Soho’s Dean Street and Kingly Court. Not forgetting the Gerry’s Wines & Spirits on nearby Old Compton Street.

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