The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – M Bar’s ‘Blue Rose’

There are many people that insist upon the most premium spirits (especially whiskies) being drank neat, without any accompaniments, no matter how simple. And to be completely fair, these particular people are often right. Why would anybody wish to invest in expensive, high quality alcohol only to let the taste be detracted by unworthy mixers?

Much to the disgust of most purists, however, there are very few exceptions to the rule,. One bar in particular that has crafted a ludicrously luxurious cocktail is that of M Restaurant, launched by ex-Gaucho managing director Martin Williams. Combining Johnnie Walker Blue Label – the brand’s most premium expression of blended Scotch – with a miniscule spray of Pedro Ximinez sherry and rose water, the ‘Blue Rose’s’ added ingredients manage to enhance the flavours of the whisky, while remaining subtle enough to avoid overpowering or detracting from the drink’s superior base.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label, 50ml

Pedro Ximenez Sherry, 5ml, sprayed

Rose Water, 5ml, sprayed

To Garnish

Blue flower or orange twist


Spray the inner of a chilled rocks glass with the Pedro Ximenez and rose water.

Add the whisky and stir with one cube of ice.

Garnish with a blue flower or orange twist.

Further information on M can be found at

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