The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – Harry’s Bar’s ‘Bats Blood’

With plenty of Halloween celebrations taking place across the weekend, this week’s themed cocktail recipe is from Harry’s Bar in Edinburgh.

Having teamed up with R&B Distillers, the bar has crafted a cocktail inspired by the colony of rare Brown Long Eared Bats living on the Isle of Raasay, the site of R&B’s first distillery. A rich blend of crème de cacao brun, Chambord, plum bitters and R&B Distillers’ single malt ‘While We Wait’, the cocktail is garnished with a bat carved from flamed orange peel in honour of the Raasay colony.

The drink will be available for £5 on 31st October at Harry’s Bar, while the recipe to make the drink at home this weekend can be found below.


50ml R&B Distillers ‘Raasay While We Wait’

12.5ml Creme Cacao Brun

12.5ml Chambord

1 dash of plum bitters

To Garnish

Flamed orange peel


Stir down the ingredients for 15-20 seconds.

Serve in a coupe glass and garnish with flamed orange peel.

Further information on R&B Distillers can be found at

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