Hakushu Forest Highball

The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: Hakushu Forest Highball

A global celebration of cocktails, World Cocktail Day takes place this weekend (Sunday 13th May). Marking the publication date of the first definition of a cocktail, on 13th May 1806, World Cocktail Day is a fair opportunity to indulge.

Showcasing the fact that classic whisky cocktails needn’t be limited to the Old Fashioned or Manhattan, this whisky highball recipe features Japanese Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve. A fresh and verdant whisky from Suntory’s distillery in the Southern Japanese Alps, Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve enjoys a pleasing freshness with its crisp green apple profile – an ideal base for this simple Highball serve, garnished with fresh mint.


35ml Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve

150ml Soda Water

Sprig of Mint


Chill a glass with ice (best served over good quality cocktail ice).

Pour 35ml Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve.

Stir the ice with the whisky and pour soda onto the back of a bar spoon, over the ice.

Further information on Suntory can be found here. 


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