The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – Bangkok Sendoff

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

Set up as a roaming restaurant pop-up, the continuously popular Chateau Marmot has recently teamed up with top Australian Thai Chef Sujet Saenkham, tying in with the release of his new cookbook ‘Spice I Am’. Taking over a luxurious apartment designed by British designer Tom Dixon on the up-and-coming Greenwich Peninsula, the event included a five-course tasting menu cooked exclusively for 36 guests on each of the two evenings.

Including the likes of steamed Phuket style fish curry with betel leaf, deep-fried prawns with tamarind, and chicken panang curry (all recipes from ‘Spice I Am’) the event also featured a bespoke bar menu. Constantly changing for every Chateau Marmot event, the cocktails available on the night were crafted in accordance with the flavours on offer within Sujet Saenkham’s British/Thai tasting menu – here’s the recipe for the ‘Bangkok Sendoff’, created exclusively by Chateau Marmot’s regular bar team Jeff Stuit and Kev Darcy with guest bartender Kelsey Ramage.


45ml Appleton VX

15ml Choya plum wine

10ml Fresh lemon

Bar spoon of orange marmalade

Thai basil leaf


Shake ingredients over ice, strain in to a coupe glass and garnish with a single Thai basil leaf.

 Spice I Am by Sujet Saenkham is available now through Lantern, RRP £16.99.

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