The Most Dangerous Place To Get A Takeaway In Britain

Glasgow’s Paisley Road could be the the most dangerous place in Britain to get a takeaway after 17 fast food joints were hit with food hygiene warnings.

Environmental health chiefs have swooped on a series of Indian, Italian, Chinese and Turkish takeaways on the three- and-a-half mile stretch of road, which is now in the running for the dubious honour of most risky place in Britain to buy a bag of chips.

A dozen of the takeaways were slapped with “improvement required” notices last year and a further five premises have had them issued so far this year.


Public health expert Hugh Pennington of Aberdeen University said: “Every customer has the right to expect safe food.

“They pay money for safe food, food that’s clean and made in clean premises. The public have a right to know businesses are run along safe lines, and it’s the job of the environmental officers to make sure that they are. Clearly, they’ve been busy.”


Paisley Road West is one of the main roads out of Glasgow. The takeaways on the street which have been hit with improvement orders include The Night Palace, The Blue Sky, Super Chef and The Taste of India.

Agnes Kendal, 60, a semi-retired Rolls Royce factory worker has been ordering food from The Blue Sky Chinese takeaway for 15 years.

She said: “I’m honestly so shocked. I had no idea that the Blue Sky was like that, whenever you walk by it’s always so busy.

“It’s such a huge surprise, it’s been there as long as I have been living here and always been the main takeaway I would trust. I would order Singapore Noodles with chicken from it usually but I can’t go back there any more. I’ve trusted Blue Sky for so long but if it is dirty then I can’t see myself trusting any other takeaways again unfortunately. Over the past few years, takeaways seem to be the only real growth industry in the area so it’s upsetting that so many of them are dirty.”


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