Shoreditch is the renowned capital of London’s uber-trendy East End. Residing in the London Borough of Hackney, recent gentrification has turned the town into one of the most happening places in the capital with bars, cafes and restaurants popping up left right and centre. For the TLE team it has become a regular meeting spot for our less formal meetings, and the Book Club is a particular favourite of ours.

We descended on the Leonard Street joint on an early autumnal evening. As the nights begin to get a little longer and a chill is present in the air there’s nothing nicer than finding a nice, warm bar and ordering your favourite tipple, and we settled around a low table in the bar and perused the plentiful menu before sending a runner to the bar. The Book Club is quintessentially Shoreditch. Painted brick walls, wooden floors, see-through kitchen and seating similar to that of a youth club, although there’s a distinct lack of books considering literature is the bar’s namesake.

The drinks are fairly pricey but quite typical for the an area that’s a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street and The City. Disappointment at lack of red wine reverberated around the table; despite being advertised there wasn’t a single glass to be had at the bar. Nevertheless we tucked into a round of beers and gin and tonics as well as a token flute of prosecco for our resident Lifestyle Editor. We turned up a little late to eat but it’s worth mentioning that they offer a good selection of bar food at a reasonable price. For large groups (ten or more) you can order the ‘Posh Pickings’ or ‘Fill your Boots’ platters with various options available to satisfy everyone.

Overall The Book Club has proved to be an ideal place to hold meetings in a more informal and fun setting, although it must be said that it is for some and not for others. One of the team noted that the name is a little misleading given there’s more ping pong paddles on the wall than book shelves and the lack of red wine caused a few stirs. But we had an enjoyable time of it and fell out of the bar after a ruddy good night with the team, so if you’re looking to restore relationships in your office, this is the place.

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