T2 Launch Vegetable-Based Teas With In-store Living Garden Installation

As part of a campaign to launch their new vegetable-based teas, Australian loose leaf tea specialists T2 have teamed up with landscape architects and Chelsea Flower Show winners the Rich Brothers, having created a living garden installation inside T2’s Chelsea store.

Marking the launch of Veggie Patch, a new range of vegetable-based teas, T2’s Kings Road store has been turned into an ‘autumnal wonderland’ designed to reflect the seasonal change, using a range of shrubbery, trees, herbs and vegetables to transform the store until early October. The installation will bring to life the ingredients and colours of the new Veggie Patch tea range, which aims to turn traditional tea-drinking on its head with ingredients such as turmeric, beetroot, spinach, carrot, kale and broccoli.

The new range can be drunk hot, cold or even added into juices and smoothies, with the likes of ‘Rooibos, Beetroot & Broccoli’ tea including chilli powder, known for boosting metabolism, and ‘Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric’ – the spice widely used for its anti-inflammatory powers, available amongst others. These new vegetable teas and their vibrant colours provide the main inspiration for the Rich Brothers’ month long installation.

Speaking on the collaboration, Harry and David Rich commented: “The new Veggie Patch teas seemed the perfect inspiration for us to explore a design in celebration of the changing seasons. Summer into Autumn is arguably the most visually alluring of the seasonal shifts, so we wanted to create an experience that reflects this.”

“Part of the aim was to create an environment that complimented the new teas, so customers trying the range in-store can do so in perfectly matched and tranquil surroundings. It’ll have a natural, earthy style, taking on the colours, smells and textures of Autumn in Britain.”

T2’s vegetable teas are available in stores and from until 2nd October, while the Rich Brothers installation at the Chelsea store will last until early October.

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