Step Aside Nigella: We Rely On Mum’s Recipes

Despite a plethora of celebrity chefs, cooking channels and online networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, Brits still rely on recipes handed down from their mothers, a new study has found.

Some 64 per cent of the average Brit’s current repertoire of meals are those inherited from their own mothers, rather than found in books, with seven in ten respondents saying there is an element of comfort in using the recipe they remember their parents using.

Six in ten cooks say they’ll pass recipes they learned from their parents on down to their children, with half of us believing that sticking to the recipes we’re used to is easier, and a third believing that the old classics simply can’t be improved.

Nick White, Head of Marketing at AHDB, commented: “Over a quarter of Brits say they struggle to find time to cook for their family in the evenings, which is why people reach for the same recipes over and over again.

“Red Tractor Lamb is on a mission to make things easier with the wonderfully versatile Keema (spiced Indian lamb); learn to cook the delicious base recipe and you can open the door to over 10 different dishes for the whole family now and for future generations.

“We know from this research that adding one little twist to a meal can elevate it to a whole new experience.”

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