Spirit of the Week – Cîroc Summer Colada

While debate still rages over which nation was first to produce vodka (Russia, Poland, Sweden) the rise in popularity of super premium vodka, in recent years, is impossible to overlook. Once upon a time, Smirnoff was the brand of choice amongst those in the know, but nowadays the brand has drastically fallen out of favour in the UK – quite unsurprisingly. Instead, powerhouse brands such as classic Absolut, Grey Goose, Crystal Head, Chase and Cîroc are enjoying a tidal wave of popularity. Purists will dispute, but it’s also perhaps unsurprising that flavoured vodkas have become so popular, given the spirit’s typically neutral character.

Introduced in 2003, Cîroc is an ‘ultra-premium’ vodka distilled in south-west France, using grapes as opposed to grain, potatoes or corn. In turn, the production which uses Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc “snap frost” grapes, means Cîroc is naturally gluten-free, distilled at 96% and un-aged in order to fulfil the qualities of the vodka. Currently marketed by Sean Combs (best known as ‘Puff Daddy’, at the time of writing, though that’s subject to change with the wind) Cîroc is available with a number of differing flavour expressions, the latest of which is the limited edition Summer Colada. Inspired by the popular summer cocktail Piña Colada, the Summer Colada expression is crafted with natural pineapple and coconut flavours, encased within an opaque white bottle adorned with a flashy gold-wrap orb.

Aromas of fresh pineapple juice are unsurprisingly most potent, continuing on the palate with a slight alcohol severity and zing of lime juice, complete with creamy coconut flavours typical of Piña Coladas and a long smooth finish. Smooth enough to enjoy over ice, the drink is also joined by two simple serving suggestions: ‘Cîroc Colada’ and ‘Summer Colada Sunrise’.

Cîroc Colada Recipe


50ml Cîroc Summer Colada

50ml Pineapple Juice

10ml Lime Juice

Garnish: Fresh Pineapple Wedge

Serve: In a tall glass filled with crushed ice.

Summer Colada Sunrise Recipe


50ml Cîroc Summer Colada

30ml Passionfruit Juice

40ml Orange Juice

20ml Lemon Juice

Garnish: Fresh Lemon Wedge

Serve: Shake all ingredients over ice, strain into a rocks glass or martini glass.

Cîroc Summer Colada is available from amazon.com, RRP £39.94, 70cl.

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