Scottish chippy has unveiled an Easter version of the deep fried Mars Bar – a battered CREME Egg

A Scottish chippy has unveiled an Easter version of the deep fried Mars Bar – a battered CREME Egg.

The calorific treat is available at takeaway Off The Hook, in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire.


Staff say they tasked customers with coming up with a new addition to the menu to celebrate five years since opening.

The result was deep fried Creme Eggs – which will be on sale until Easter costing £1.

Owners Johnny Chung, 34, and wife Lee Chung, 31, have never had deep fried Mars Bars on the menu before.

But they quickly came up with a light batter to fry the Creme Eggs in.


Mum-of-two Lee said: “We have had a lot of people coming in – a lot of people have said it’s disgusting, I think it’s a love or hate thing.

“I love it, they’re really good. The fondant goes all gooey in the middle and syrupy, it’s nice.

“We’ve sold quite a few, I don’t know the exact figures.”


The chocolate cannot be fried for long in case it begins to burn.

The exact number of calories is not know but Lee said she “would imagine quite a lot”.

Lee added: “We’ve never done anything like deep fried Mars Bars.


“To be honest we do quite a lot of specials and if they do really well we do keep them on the menu, but honestly I can’t see us doing this.

“It is quite hard to get Creme Eggs the rest of the year after Easter.”


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