Roast dinner restaurant opens in Shoreditch with gravy microbrewery

A roast dinner pop-up restaurant is set to open in Shoreditch featuring a unique gravy microbrewery.

Open from 8-10 December at the Old Truman Brewery, the “Roastaurant” will provide roast dinner lovers the choice of over 100,000 possible roast combinations in a pick ‘n’ mix style menu which have been based off the research findings.

Along with the gravy microbrewery there will be a giant six metre squared roast potato platter filled with thousands of McCain Roasts.

All ticket proceeds from the speciality restaurant will be donated to FareShare, the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste.

To accommodate all roast dinner habits, no matter how quirky they may be, the menu will feature a much broader choice of items on offer then what you’d usually expect to see on a roast dinner plate.

Whether it’s pigeon with onion rings covered in chocolate gravy, or beef brisket accompanied with a fried egg and a side of charred pineapple, the McCain Roastaurant will be dishing up a whole host of exploratory roast combinations.

The Roastaurant is being run by Jim Thomlinson, former chef at the Michelin starred, La Trompette.

During the day, the Roastaurant will offer a sit down roast dinner experience, with all the trimmings and avoid arguments on what should and shouldn’t be on the plate, diners will choose from a ‘tick box’ style menu, allowing them to choose exactly which meat, sides and condiments they’d like.

In the evening, the space will transform into an interactive ‘gravy microbrewery’ and McCain Roasts experience that offers five different types of gravy including unique flavour choices, chocolate and jerk.

Diners will be able to visit a giant self-service McCain Roasts platter and fill their bowls with as many crispy and fluffy McCain Roasts and gravy as they’d like!

For tickets, visit: Eventbrite


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