By Jack Peat, Editor of The London Economic 

Step aside Preston, a new ‘over the counter culture’ has been born in London and this time it’s of a far tastier variety.

Herman Ze German is one of several ventures popping up across the capital championing good, regional food served with haste. Akin to US outlets Five Guys and Chipotle Herman is flying the German flag by offering all things schnitzely in a three-step menu system that ensures you’re not far from a good feeding once the draught of grilled German sausage hits you at the entrance.

Born out of a love of the traditional German dish, Herman ze German first came to life upon realising there was a distinct lack of their beloved sausage here in the UK. After several stints in vans patrolling events across the UK the company set up shop in London and now have three  stores sourcing sausages direct from a butcher called Fritz in the Black Forest.

I treated my colleague to a Wurst on a cold Friday night, welcoming the heat of their Soho outlet and mopping my mouth as the first wafts of sausage found my nostrils. Dominik, sporting a curled moustache, advised us on a hearty order of Bock (smoky pork) and Brat (pork and viel) Wursts served with pommes frites and a layer of sauce heated to your preference.

Our meal was served promptly to us at our basement table where we had already immersed ourselves in jovial Friday evening chit chat with a group of Americans in the city on business. Despite already having eaten you could see their eyes widen when our ample plates arrived with two large beers in tow.

After a couple of post-work beverages the meal proved to be an idyllic halfway break. The food immediately appeased my rumbling stomach with thick chunks of sausages mixing nicely with a medium-hot sauce and fries. The real stand-out item, to my surprise, was the beer. Both the lager and wheat beer were crisp, delicious brews that rounded off a gluttonous meal quite nicely.

Thoroughly recommended.

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