Restaurant Industry ‘Uberised’ with Bill Splitting App

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent

The restaurant industry is set to be ‘Uberised’ by a new app which offers customers a bill splitting option when booking a private chef at home.

La Belle Assiette, an online marketplace that matches professional chefs to clients, has created the new feature after research found 79 per cent of English customers split the bill in restaurants. Customers can now pay only part of the bill when booking a chef, with menus priced ‘per guest’ which allows the host to pay as much or as little as they like.

The unique home dining service hopes that this will make using the service easier for people who would have previously had to handle repayments from their friends themselves, discouraging them to pay when the risk of not being paid back was high.

Stephen Leguillon, CEO and co­founder of La Belle Assiette explains: “For two years, our team has worked hard to build and launch new services, with impeccable quality standards and a comprehensive offering.

“Splitting the bill has been an important step to facilitate access to our service that has always been associated with more traditional food services. The release of this new feature was welcomed enthusiastically by the thousands of gourmands who use our service already every month”

La Belle Assiette is a French start up which was set up with the aim of getting their customers to rediscover the pleasure of entertaining at home. The company offers private chef services through its website

Using the website you can select the date, time and location of your event and then browse available chefs and their menus. A La Belle Assiette chef will prepare the dishes in your kitchen, serve them to you and will make sure the kitchen is clean before leaving.

The company now boasts 600 chefs across six countries, bringing a wide range of menus created, cooked and served by chefs with diverse experience and personalities.

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