Queen of Hoxton Opens Viking Themed Winter Rooftop

A Viking themed winter rooftop has opened above the Queen of Hoxton complete with a long boat, feasting hall inside a WigWam, fire pits, driftwood sculptures and a plenty of drinking horns.

The bar offers the opportunity to escape modern life and join her band of noble savages celebrating a victorious battle.

Raise a skål to Skye and enjoy Nordic nights filled with flowing mead, foraged cocktails, crackling fires and decadent feasting.


The cocktail menu includes Freyja’s Nettle Love Elixir, a mix of Stinging Nettle Martini with Elderflower, Lemon, Agave and Nettle infused Hendricks Gin, Bjorn’s Brambled Wine, which includes Hot Spiced Red Wine Spiked with Hendricks Gin, and Skye’s Hot Buttered Rum, which has become renowned.


A selection of food is also available, including Hodhr’s Hotpot of pork belly with apples, potatoes, herb, wild & smoked garlic, Rán’s Rosti of salmon, dill, wild garlic and thyme and Týr’s Sloe Gin Turkey Leg. 


A series of events will be running throughout winter. The full list can be found below:

The Braid Bar Presents a Hair Braiding Workshop

Date: 15th November 7-8pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/4875/braid-bar-on-the-wigwam

Aspiring braid makers, join Selfridges’ ‘The Braid Bar’ for an hour-long braiding masterclass – perfect for unleashing your inner shield maiden (just in time for Christmas party season).

AVM Curiosities present The Anglo-Saxon Drinking Cabinet

Date: 20th November, 6pm -10pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/5089/avm-curiosities-present-the-anglo-saxon-drinking-cabinet

Join us in the cosy wigwam for a tasting and a trip back in time – Vikings and Shield Maidens, it’s time to down your weapons and join award-winning food historian Tasha Marks from AVM Curiosities for a peek into the Anglo-Saxon drinking cabinet. From nettle and dandelion martinis to honey spiked mead punch, find out the legend behind your liquor and the tales of your tipple. Expect ancient cocktails, historical titbits and even some 14th century drinking games.

Storytelling with Giles Abbott *Halloween Special*

Dates: *31 October, 28 November, 30 Jan, 27 February

Tickets (Free) https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/4768/halloween-storytelling-with-giles-abbott

Light falters. Nights lengthen. Darkness grows. Love is murdered. Come to the longship and hear a tale of betrayal, loss and longed for recovery, and will the light to return! Giles is an award-winning storyteller, who has been featured on Radio 4, as well as national and international touring.

Viking Life Drawing with Art Macabre: Hel and Odin *Bonfire Night Special

Date: 5th November 2016, 1-3pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/4897/viking-life-drawing-with-art-macabre-hel-and-odin

Remember, remember to join us for a Viking themed feast for the senses! Sketch mighty gods and goddesses of the Nordic underworld. Hear tales of Viking folklore and sketch Hel and Odin! Take a seat on the wooden fur-topped benches, treetrunk tables and grab a tankard of warming hot cocktails or spiced ale from the bar. Drawing materials and paper provided. Very limited spaces available for this cosy drawing special! Over 18s only.

Viking Life Drawing with Art Macabre: Valkyries

Date: 3 December, 1-3pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/4898/viking-life-drawing-with-art-macabre-valkyries

Vikings! Valkyries! Come sketch our Nordic female warriors, posing in strong and powerful poses for you within the cosy Nordic Viking themed wigwam, as it returns for Autumn. Draw the horns of our Valkyrie wing-helmeted warrior woman! After the event, stick around for the open fire pits and food available throughout the afternoon.
Drawing materials and paper provided. Very limited spaces available for this cosy drawing special! Over 18s only.

The Art Of Etching

Date: 12th November, 2-4pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/5073/the-art-of-etching

Learn how to craft an original artwork inspired by Viking iconography to celebrate Skye’s victory! Taught by professional printmaker Sisetta Zappone, you will be guided step by step in the ancient art of etching metal. You will make several prints on beautiful Japanese Pergamena paper, and will go home with both your prints and your plates, which can be used afterward to make more prints or mounted as a chunky medallion or belt decoration – whatever your viking fantasy suggests! A free cocktail and all materials (including copper sulphate, pointy tools, wax, zinc, black bone ink and paper) are included with your ticket.

Viking Chain Maille Jewellery Workshop

Date: 8th November, 6.30pm-9pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/5072/viking-chain-maille-jewellery-workshop

Once the ultimate armour for any Viking warrior, join jeweller Annie Mason to learn the ancient art of Chain Maille for a somewhat more decorative effect. Grab a warming winter cocktail and take your seat in Skye’s Viking Wigwam, where Annie will take you through the process of linking rings together to form a beautiful fabric like mesh. You’ll create your very own piece of jewellery to take home and treasure – and once you’ve mastered the technique there’s no end to what you can make!

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