Pud tossers from around the world reenact historical food fight

The World Black Pudding Throwing Championships sees competitors knocking over Yorkshire puddings on a 20ft-high plinth with famous Bury black pudding.

Legend has it the tradition dates back to the War of the Roses and a 1455 battle in Stubbins, Lancashire between the House of Lancaster and the House of York.

The two sides are said to have run out of ammunition and resorted to throwing food at each other – black pudding from Lancashire and Yorkshire puddings from Yorkshire.

Visitors from as far afield as Japan, Australia and the USA were among hundreds gathered in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, on Sunday to see the famous Mancunian light bite hurled.

Competitors stand on a golden grid on Bridge Street in the town and underarm throw Black Puddings made by Chadwicks of Bury.

The puds are ‘swaddled’ in ladies’ tights to prevent them exploding on impact.

By Ben Gelblum and Ben McVay

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