Pub changes its name to Pubby McPubface

Just when you thought the national obsession with almost calling a scientific vessel “Boaty McBoatface” has subsided, a public house has brought the subject back into our national psyche. I’m guilty of all this as well, I call my new bed “Beddy McBedface,” I am not immune to it.

Unlike the boat, which even though most people voted for it, which wasn’t eventually given the name, this pub has changed to Pubby McPubface, and the locals love it

Peter Daniels, the new landlord at, what was, the Newbridge Arms in Newbridge Wrexham, wanted to have a laugh and put his pub’s name on the map.

He noticed the exposure that the vessel’s name created and wanted to have a bit of fun, and why not?

Peter’s patrons supported him and the reception since Pubby McPubface has been overwhelmingly positive, with Facebook likes from abroad.

Although the boat was eventually named RRS Sir David Attenborough, to stop the boat becoming a floating joke, the landlord wanted to make a lasting impression. Classics like the ‘King’s Head”, “The Rose and Crown”, or “The White Swan,” didn’t make the grade

He said: “The reception has been excellent. It has caused so much of a giggle.

‘We’ve got a lot of people stopping to take photos of the sign.”

However, the sign says ‘also known as the Newbridge Arms’ to give a nod to its past glory.

Mr Davies said giving the pub an unusual new name was ‘thinking outside the box.

‘When you’ve also got the aqueduct in front that’s painted bright yellow, you’ve got to stand out somehow.

‘We’re not trying to demonise other pubs or put them down, we decided to have a bit of fun and get people talking.

‘They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, which I agree with.’

Let’s hope the joke keeps on giving or it could become a bit of a drag, how many people still shout “WASSAAPPP” at each other in the street? But for now long may the fun continue.

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