Pizza Express Fans: This Will Leave You Baffled

The American Hot can prove hard to handle for most people, but Pizza Express lovers will struggle to even find this one.

A new brain teaser has been released with an illusive chilli pepper pizza hidden amongst a colourful array of other pizzas.

The single American Hot, topped with pepperoni and slices of fresh green peppers, has been concealed in this graphic puzzle to tie in with their new summer specials menu which includes a Barbacoa Romana pizza, an Eton Mess Cheesecake and a Passionfruit Lemonade.

A spokesperson said: “It’s certainly providing food for thought.”

See if you can find it:

pizza puzzle 2 chillis flat

Struggling? Don’t worry, it’s not easy. We’ve looped it below:

pizza puzzle 2 chillis flat answer

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