Pan European Study Finds Brits are Least Likely to Sample Local Food Abroad

A pan-European study has revealed Brits are the least likely to sample local food abroad.

A survey of 14,000 people in 14 countries revealed that we stick to what we know away from home, eschewing continental for the full English experience.

Just 57 per cent of UK adults will eat unknown food or indulge in local dishes – putting us bottom of the list of 14 countries studied and well below the 79 per cent European average.

The Spanish and French are the most open-minded eaters in Europe with 94 per cent having tried local cuisine or foods they’d not previously heard of while on holiday. Germany (83 per cent), the Netherlands (77 per cent) and even nearby neighbours Ireland (75 per cent) all show a far greater willingness to experiment with foreign food and push out of their comfort zones, while Finland (59 per cent) was the only other country to score lower than 60 per cent of people willing to try new foods.

Expedia, which commissioned the research, has partnered with 12 food bloggers across Europe to help you explore your hidden adventurous side and eat more like a local on your next trip. From discovering an organic family-run farm in the Nockberg Mountains of Austria, or a hidden gem in the city of Bordeaux where they only use produce sourced direct from local farmers, Expedia’s ‘Europe on a plate’ helps Brits to eat more like a local.

Alex Platts, Commercial Director of Northern Europe, Brand Expedia said: “Expedia believes in the true value of local and authentic experiences and sampling local delicacies found nowhere else can have a huge impact on how we enjoy a visit to somewhere new.

“‘Europe on a plate’ encourages people to find and try new foods that they normally might not and create new memories and experiences to come back with from any trip away.”

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1. Spain
2. Italy
3. France
4. Switzerland
5. Austria
6. Norway
7. Germany
8. Netherlands
9. Denmark
10. Ireland
11. Belgium
12. Sweden
13. Finland
14. UK

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