Neeach Is The First Social Network Exclusively Created For Food Lovers

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

Set up as the brainchild of Oslo-based food lovers David Carter Shinn and Christian Isaksen, Neeach is the first social network built exclusively for food lovers, having officially launched last month. Jumping on board as part of a growing trend that focuses on online communities, Neeach is an open network for like-minded UK food lovers to connect and share trends, ideas and opinions all in one place. What’s more, adhering to the open nature of the website, any members can join for free and submit, share and discuss, with recent published articles including a number of enlightening roundups and current topics.

Co-founder David Carter Shinn explains; “Neeach is a place for bloggers to share their content and get access to a wider audience, but also for anyone who wants to read food-related content as well as create/share their own with their friends and others on the site”

Alongside this feed, Neeach also hosts an innovative online marketplace with specific focus on small-scale food producers, encouraging members to buy and sell produce from one another. And what’s especially refreshing is the fact that selling via Neeach is very simple, allowing suppliers to set their own prices and receive payment through a simple sales platform, and delivery and collection is arranged between members for each specific order. Also, unlike other services, and mass producers, it’s free to list produce and sales incur a meagre 3% handling fee.

Be sure to head over to to explore the service and find out more about what’s set to become a very popular platform within the coming months.

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