MealPal is about to revolutionise lunch in London

A new lunch membership service is about to revolutionise lunch in London after enjoying huge success in the US.

Through MealPal hundreds of restaurants across London are now offering one dish per day to subscribing members which they can choose to reserve ready to pick up at lunchtime.

Using the website or mobile app, users browse meals available at restaurants near them, filter meals by cuisine and portion size, and preorder the night before or in the morning, choosing a time to pick up their lunch and skip those annoying lunch queues.

And there’s no hassle when it comes to paying either. Members can choose either 12 meal plan (£4.79 per meal) or a 20 meal plan (£4.39 per meal) to be used over the course of a 30 day cycle, meaning everything is taken care of when you pick up your lunch.

The launch comes following research the Brits eat at least one disappointing lunch each week; with the average person spending an extra £3.61 on snacks, per disappointing meal, to satisfy their stomachs.

The survey of 1,200 Brits found that 78 per cent of Brits have the same lunch more than once a week with almost one in four repeating their lunches a staggering three times a week between Monday and Friday.

Nick Green, ‎General Manager UK at MealPal comments: “There is clearly something wrong if in 2017 Brits are still naming the sandwich as the go-to lunch-time meal. What’s more worrying is that despite being continually disappointed with their lunch, Brits still continue to have the same lunch, over and over again.

“With there being so many lunch options beyond the basic sandwich, now is the time for Brits to go out and explore some of their city’s best food, even on their lunchbreak.”

To mark the launch staff at The London Economic gave the new lunch service a try.

Picking from a large selection of restaurants and cafes in Farringdon we opted for nearby Vietnamese eatery La Kitchen.

The dish of a day, a spicy beef noodle soup, was a vibrant and fresh mix of traditional Vietnamese ingredients and was ready to pick up when we arrived.

Within ten minutes we were eating fresh food from a new place from the comfort of our offices.

Beats a ham sandwich any day of the week.


Is this the world’s ultimate gastronomic tour?

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