Cocktail Recipe: May Fair Bar Limoncello & Thyme Spritz

Italy’s second most popular liqueur – after Campari – limoncello has seen a rise in popularity across the UK, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Still mainly produced in Southern Italy, the lemon liqueur is traditionally crafted from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, steeped in rectified spirit (typically grappa) until the oils are released then mixed with sugar syrup. Although habitually served as a post-dinner digestivo, limoncello also features in numerous cocktails, with its bold lemon flavour harbouring less sourness and bitterness than pure lemon juice.

Part of May Fair Bar’s new limited edition collection of spritz-inspired cocktails, available until 22nd September, the bar’s Limoncello & Thyme Spritz comprises equal measures of limoncello and Belvedere vodka, mixed with fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup; topped with Prosecco and garnished with a sprig of fresh thyme.


20ml Limoncello

20ml Belvedere Vodka

5ml sugar syrup

5ml lemon juice

1 small sprig thyme

Top Prosecco


Muddle the sprig of thyme with sugar then add the remaining ingredients, excluding the Prosecco.

Mix with ice then pour into a coupette glass using a double strainer.

Top up with Prosecco.

Further information on May Fair bar can be found here.


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