How to Make… Thai Noodles with Truffles & Prawns

Luxury ingredients are no longer exclusively concomitant with fine dining. Over the past five years, a huge rise in luxury comfort food has become impossible to overlook, with so many restaurants embellishing the globe’s most comforting “junk” food dishes with ingredients fit for the Monarchy. Amongst those dishes, truffles make the biggest appearance.

Celebrating the complete arrival of truffle season in the UK, Thai Square’s noodles with truffles and prawn use both fresh shaved truffles and truffle oil. First set up in 1996, Thai Square now has 13 restaurants in and around London, serving authentic, balanced and fresh Thai food. Although truffles are expensive, this recipe is relatively simple to follow at home, with deeply soothing results, ideal for the cold weather snap.


King prawns, 2 per serving

Egg noodles, 120g

Wanton noodles, 120g

Soy sauce, 2.5ml

Garlic oil, 5ml

Truffle oil, 25ml

Fresh truffle (thinly sliced)

For the stir fry sauce  

Red chillies, 30g, chopped

Garlic, 10g, chopped

Sweet basil

Oyster sauce, 15ml

Soy sauce, 10ml

Chicken stock, 30ml

Sugar, 10g

Vegetable oil, 15ml

To garnish

Chilli, carved


Cherry tomato


Deep fry the prawns and set aside.

Add the noodles to boiling water. Cook until soft, then rinse in cold water.

Add soy sauce, truffle oil and fried garlic to the noodles, mix well then set aside.

Stir fry chopped chillies and fried garlic. Then add all the remaining ingredients to the sauce.

Plate prawns and noodles then pour over the stir fry sauce.

Garnish with sliced truffle, cherry tomato and carved chilli.

Further information on Thai Square can be found here.


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