How To Make: Flat Three’s ‘Beets, Sesame Leaf & Black Currants’

Occupying an underground space near Holland Park tube station, Flat Three has become renowned for serving brilliant Japanese, Scandinavian and Korean-inspired dishes since opening in 2015.

In addition to the rest of Flat Three’s menu, the restaurant has a dedicated ‘Plant-Based’ section on the menu – hoping to end perceptions that vegan food can’t match meat or fish on taste and variety. Flat Three chef and co-owner Pavel Kanja says: “We extract every flavour we can, using fermentation, smoking and salting to give vegetables taste components that you don’t expect.”

This delicious, healthy, vegan Flat Three recipe has just three main elements, and is fairly simple to recreate at home, with well-sourced ingredients. You’ll also need digital scales to correctly weigh the recipe’s precise measurements.


Toasted sesame oil

Black currants

Nasturtium flowers

For the beets

Golden beetroot, 2, medium

Candy beetroot, 2, medium


Vegetable oil

For the sesame paste

Sesame leaves, 25g

Nasturtium leaves, 22g

Pine nuts, 100g

Garlic, 8g

Rapeseed oil, 100g

Wild sesame oil, 25g

Salt, to taste


Season the beetroot with salt and coat with a touch of oil and roast for approximately 40-45 minutes at 180°c or until you can drive a skewer completely through the beetroot without any resistance.

After cooking, leave to cool to room temperature, then with paper towel remove the skin.

To make the sesame paste – blend all ingredients into a semi smooth paste then season to taste. Don’t blend for too long, otherwise these green leaves will turn black

To serve – place a generous amount of the sesame paste on the bottom of a large bowl. Cut all beets in to 8-12 pieces each, season with a touch of salt and pepper and place neatly on top of the sesame paste.

Dress black currants with 3-4 drops of toasted sesame oil and place around the beets.

Place another dollop of sesame paste on each piece of beets, don’t be to generous as the paste is quite strong.

Garnish the beets with torn nasturtium leaves and flowers.

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