How To Make… Cold-Brewed Hibiscus and Mint Tea

Summer has officially arrived in Britain, so it’s hardly surprising that iced tea has seen such a spike in popularity, with so many specialists having opened across the capital.

Good & Proper Tea, for instance, has a Tea Bar on Leather Lane which offers a weekly rotating cold brew Iced Tea menu. With flavour combinations such as wild rooibos and orange; Darjeeling and elderflower; or hibiscus and mint – Good & Proper’s iced teas will also be available at a number of summer festivals, served from a converted Citroen H Van. This week’s recipe, as such, is a refreshing liquid treat, simply brewed with Good & Proper Tea’s Hibiscus, mint and plenty of ice.


Serves four

Good & Proper Hibiscus, 6g

Filtered water, 1 litre

Mint, a sprig



Cold brew for 12-15 hours. Serve over ice with a sprig of fresh mint.

All of Good & Proper’s iced teas are available to buy in-store from the Good & Proper Tea Bar, in 90g packets, or online at

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