I won’t lie TLE writers have spent a LOT of the summer drinking in the Magic Roundabout, literally on right top on Old Street station, the gateway to the East End.

Yes that’s the same Old Street station that used to smell of urine, depression and the fact that you knew you would end up walking the wrong way out of one of the numerous exits, no matter how times you have been.

Well no more of that now, you don’t have to head for the exits. There are now trendy shops, eateries and the pinnacle is the Magic Roundabout, come out of the tube turn left, and make sure you are not too drunk to get past the doorman and you are in.

It is a huge open space, that in the summer was a delight, but in the harsh cold winter, and the expectant poverty caused by Brexit, could it still work?


Well the answer is yes, they have somehow managed to cover it all over, and you now have the perfect venue for a hipster-ish (but not too much it to make you want to be sick in your mouth) bar, food and dance venue. One of my mates who was with me, who designs luxe-bar fit outs, said it was a great refurb, and I take his word for it.

There is a great mix of a few city boys (not the dickheads ones though) digital types (not the most arrogant ones) and hipsters (as I said above, not too annoying you want to throw them into the traffic circling the Old Street roundabout).

There are various pop ups dotted around the venue serving a variety of food and a great choice of cocktails and beers – Something for everyone.


The area I normally sit in towards the back in the venue in the summer is now something pretty psychedelic. I haven’t seen visuals like this since, I took magic mushrooms at a NYE party when I was 17.

There was an ice fountain where a friendly bar girl poured vodka into, which came out of a straw at the bottom. To be honest I hope it was just there for the opening night, as I blame that for my epic hangover.

Just get there and enjoy it, and even if it is freezing you don’t need to bring a your thermals, there are heaters literally everywhere.

I hate to be a slave to a venue, it’s quite embarrassing to be honest, I freely admit it, but this is the spot for your xmas party/drinks etc, and the best thing about it is you know where the tube is, it’s literally underneath you, and if you can’t even find that, you have had far too much to drink!

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