Magic Roundabout – One more spins

Ever since the Magic Roundabout opened I have been there pretty much three times a week, come, wind, rain, shine and even when no mates want to come with me, that happens a lot more often than you would think.

The venue has sat upon Old Street station for a few years, helping to rejuvenate the tube station and surrounding roundabout exits, making the area feel safer and more importantly fun.

However, the luxury development of flats around Old Street brought the kind of people who buy one million pound apartments. A sense of entitlement and a seemingly endless ability to complain. So the site was under threat of closure due to noise/people having fun (delete as appropriate).

But these complaints became redundant as the whole area is due to de redevelopment and the Magic will be no more. One design appears to offer the local area a really big bike rack, and that’s about it, which looks and sounds as shit as you are thinking.

Anyway this all means that this fantastic watering hole only has a few months left, this is the last summer of love for this (and any others to be fair) tube station roof.

This time around the summer redesign is an urban jungle theme with neon lights, jungle flora and fauna (or simply plants) and the same great drinks and food offerings. The toilets are still primitive, but it’s the ROOF OF A TUBE STATION, deal with it.

Instead of going out with a whimper the Magic Roundabout will go out with a bang and will be hosting parties all summer, with top DJs, good vibes and none of the people who complain about the noise, so whack a middle finger up at the posh flats while you are there.

If you are really unlucky you might bump into me, drunk and probably by myself…cry for the Magic’s demise, cringe at mine.

Is this the best restaurant in London?

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