Kitchen Hacks For Our Top 10 Disaster Dishes

No matter how many times we cook them, there are certain disaster dishes that we just cannot get right.

According to a new poll of 2,000 adults the average person will endure a cooking disaster at least three times a month – that’s 36 meals ruined across the course of one year!

Soufflé, Yorkshire puddings and the classic roast dinner cause the most problems, with even the most simple dishes such as the modest omelette, scrambled and poached eggs causing a headache.

Indeed, such is our lack of culinary proficiency that six in ten British adults rarely deviate from their repertoire of familiar dishes because they usually go wrong if they try to cook anything else.

Speaking on behalf of Sharp Home Appliances, which conducted the research, UK Sales and Marketing Director, Andy Warren said: “There is nothing more disappointing than spending time on a meal, and then discovering that something has gone horribly wrong.

“Our researchers discovered many adults are suffering mishaps in the kitchen on a regular basis, often because they’re rushing things and don’t have the time to spend poring over recipes or getting the correct settings on the oven. Distractions such as the children, the television, work and even the pet dog can make concentrating on the one matter in hand difficult. And this is why we can understand why many adults stick to the same meals day in and day out for ease and speed.”

But fear less, as there is always help to be found. We’ve rounded up the top ten dishes to bring you the ultimate kitchen hacks for our disaster dishes.


Yorkshire puddings

Roast dinner


Scrambled eggs

Poached eggs

Victoria sponge

Toad in the hole


Pasta carbonara

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