Is this the perfect summer salad?

With no sign of the sun abating it looks like we still have several weeks to enjoy fresh, al-fresco dining ahead of us – and we’ve got the perfect recipe for it.

This herby courgette, pea and feta salad with giant couscous and lemon dressing is an idyllic fit for the summer months when you want nothing more than a light and refreshing feed.

Every ingredient has a delightful zing and freshness that is perfectly paired with a crisp white wine.

Tender, just out of the pod peas combine with the delicately sweet taste of pea shoots, tangy feta cheese, with plenty of fresh herbs and lemon – it’s just bursting with flavour and crying out for a glass of Leaf Plucker.

Find the ingredients and method below:


3 large courgettes (if you see yellow ones available, even better, mix it up!)
600g peas – combine edamame and fresh peas for even more variety
250g feta cheese
150g giant couscous (if you can’t find it use orzo or fregula, or mix it up!
50g pea shoots
Small bunch of mint leaves, torn
Small bunch of basil, chopped
Sprinkling of toasted pine nuts
For the dressing:
100ml olive oil
Juice of one lemon
2 tsp rice wine vinegar
1 clove of garlic, peeled but kept whole.
Salt and Pepper


• First, start by shelling your fresh peas – truly one of the most soothing kitchen tasks out there. Bring a pan of water to the boil and when boiling, add your peas and gently simmer for 3 minutes. Drain, add a sprinkle of salt and set aside.

• Add the couscous to a saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 6-8 minutes until tender.

• Next, shave your courgette in to long ribbons using either a spiraliser or a vegetable peeler. Set half aside raw.

• Warm a griddle pan lightly drizzled with olive oil over a low-medium heat, before placing the other half courgette ribbons on it. Just give them enough time to develop a little colour and stripes before flipping.

• Next, shake up the dressing. Grab an old jam jar and pour in all the ingredients. Make sure the lid’s on properly and give it a good shake. Scoop out the whole garlic clove and set aside.

• Leisurely arrange and gently combine the raw and grilled courgette, couscous, peas and pea shoots in a large, shallow bowl or serving plate. Crumble over ample feta, and sprinkle with the fresh herbs. Drizzle over your dressing and finish with the toasted pine nuts. Serve as a light lunch, bring it along to your next “bring a dish” bbq or serve as a starter, alongside Leafplucker of course!

Tips: Can’t get hold of fresh peas? Don’t fret, frozen peas are still a great alternative, and the freezer section of supermarkets is often where you can find edamame as well!

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