Hypnotic Video Shows Mince Pies Rolling Off The Production Line At A Rate Of 720 A Minute

It’s the first day of December and it’s officially time to start posting Christmas related stories.

A hypnotic video released today shows mince pies rolling off the production line at the Asda mince pie HQ in Barnsley, South Yorks, at the rate of 720 every MINUTE.

The mesmerising video follows the process from start to finish as buttered pastry is piped down from a secret room onto the production line.

Asda’s secret recipe of pre-mixed ingredients including fruit and spices are then pumped into each base before being sealed with pastry lids.

Quality control teams patrol either side of the line to ensure no glitches occur before the pies are ushered into a huge oven for nine and a half minutes.

Asda’s Innovation Chef Mark Richmond said: “The line creates 720 mince pies a minute so we’ve got to get it right. I think even Willy Wonka would be happy with this process.

“A mince pie is a real Christmas tradition and it was very satisfying to draw on my grandmother’s system to produce a pie that is filled without a gap.

“The video is oddly hypnotic to watch.”

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