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Humble Crumble to open in Covent Garden

Proper English puddings are a truly wonderful thing. Steamed puddings in particular seem to have made something of a comeback in recent years, led (in my view) by the truly exceptional creations of the uber talented Jeremy Lee at Quo Vadis.

But steamed puddings are not the only game in town and I am pretty fond of the odd bowl of apple and blackberry crumble, or better still plum and apricot crumble made from my own fruit trees. But when in town how to get that sweet, multi textured hit? Humble Crumble is the answer. It is a specialist dessert shop that serves just that – a variety of dishes of steamed fruit covered with crumble and done very well. Originally a pop-up, they’ now have stalls in Camden and Borough and a Spitalfields shop. And now they’re coming to my part of town! 

Their new stall will open in KERB’s Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden where there will be a choice of apple, elderflower (including apple, strawberry and raspberry) or rhubarb fillings. You then choose the topping, include the classic crumble finished with either blowtorched marshmallow, hot, cold or frozen custard, dark chocolate and more. 

And for a short sharp hit you can even get a pot of just the crumble topping on its own.

David Sefton

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